Addison Pipe & Tube Co. is a service center distributing prime and structural,
carbon steel pipe, square and rectangular tubing and galvanized pipe & tubing.
A wide variety of services is available. We also distribute stainless steel pipe
and tubing.
Please see our Contact page or call us at 1-800-767-7473 (SOS-PIPE) or fax us at 1-773-626-8397.



Prime Pipe: Seamless, electric-weld, continuous weld, and double submerged
arc weld in most published schedules and walls, 1/8" nominal through 48"
O.D., Structural Grade Pipe 3/4" nominal through 48" O.D. in most published schedules and walls. Larger sizes available upon request.

Pipe bollards ( bumpers) are our specialty. We will cut the required post to
your specifications, prime, paint and deliver to you or to your job site. We
also distribute plastic sleeves to fit over your required posts.


Round, Structural Square And Rectangular Tubing

Sizes stocked range from 1/2" through 16" round, square and equivalent rectangles!.


We offer, band saw cutting, miter cutting, torch cutting, bending,
threading, painting and priming, sand and shot blasting, bundling,
packaging and labeling.

Band Saw Cutting

We band saw cut up to 16" round and 16" Square & 20" x 12" rectangle.

Miter Cutting

We have state of the art automated horizontal band saws to miter cut to
your required angle specifications.

Prime Paint Service

Prime paint service is available for all materials, round, square, or rectangle.
We use a red oxide primer, or you can specify any color your wish.

Shot And Sand Blasting

Shot and sand blasting is available for all materials.

Bundling,Packaging, and Labeling

We will bundle, package, and label to your specifications. Individual piece marking is also available.


We have our own fleet of delivery trucks servicing the Chicagoland and Tri-State area or we can obtain a common carrier for your order.


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